St. Symeon the New Theologian Orthodox Church                         

St. Symeon Orthodox Church is a parish of the Orthodox Church in America, Diocese of the South, composed primarily of American converts to Orthodoxy, along with Romanians, Russians, Serbs, Arabs, and Bulgarians. The community is committed to keeping the Faith as transmitted by the Apostles to the first Fathers of the Church and preserved in the Holy Orthodox Church. There are links on this site for further information on Orthodoxy. Visitors are always welcome at St. Symeon’s! Many of us started our journey as “visitors.” We say to all, "Come and see!” Come and see and experience the unchanged Christian Faith – the Orthodox Church!
Our New Temple!

3101 Clairmont Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35205

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Schedule of Services
WEEK of March 23RD
Tuesday, March 24
Vespers with Litiya ~ Feast of the Annunciation at 6:30 PM 
Wednesday, March 25
Divine Liturgy ~ Feast of the Annunciation at 10:00 AM
Thursday, March 26
Great Cannon of St. Andrew of Crete (in Matins) at 6:30 PM
Friday, March 27
Matins with Akathist to the Theotokos at 6:30 PM  

Saturday, March 28
Possible arrival of the new Iconastasis, workers needed!
Great Vespers at 6:00 PM 
Sunday, March 29
Matins at 8:30 AM 
Divine Liturgy at 10:00 AM 

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